Hubble chinese crested portrait

Fair warning!  😉  I haven’t set a date, but it will be soon.  I have to wrap up two commissions, then we’ll be off and running!

For those of you new to the game, this is how it works.

  1. Sign up for my Commission Alert List (if you haven’t already), and collect your (clear, high resolution) reference photos of the pet whose portrait you want done.
  2. As soon as you receive the Alert (or see the announcement on Facebook or my blog, but the Alert goes out before either of those 😉 ), jump on the link you will see there to sign up.
  3. As I start one portrait, I’ll email the next person in line a PayPal link to pay for your portrait.  Once your payment is in, your place is secure, and your portrait will be next.
  4. When your turn comes up, I’ll email you, we’ll settle on what we want to see in the portrait, and I’ll get to work!

Here’s what you’ll be getting:

  1. One 8″ x 10″ portrait on a panel of my choosing (depending on the feel of the subject, and how we want to approach it) for $225 ($25 off the current price!), and shipping is included within the U.S. (outside the U.S. will just pay the difference in postage).
  2. You and I will decide on what medium is just right for your pet before I get going.  Take a look at my Commission page for more info on our choices.
  3. One pet (ANY SPECIES!) per painting, and one painting per person, to better spread the loooove!
  4. As I go, I’ll be showing you my progress on the blog.  I think it’s fun to share the paintings as they evolve, and the excitement building along through the marathon.  Your excitement keeps me motivated and energized!

Offering you this size portrait makes it a nice opportunity for you to get a decent sized portrait, allowing more detail and creativity.  You’ll be able to frame it easily, using standard sized matting and framing, whether you decide to get the materials from a craft store or get your portrait professionally framed.  If you would like to give one as a gift, we can keep the portrait a secret ’til later if you’d like.  Pet portraits make very kind gifts, whether for a memorial or just a celebration of the love between person and pet.


Each of my marathons has had a theme, a season, or a beneficiary animal welfare group.  In this case, we’re working on vet bills that have really piled up on us in the last year.  Here’s a little something that’s good to know: There is no such thing as a free pet!  I’m guessing you know that already!


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