I keep my waiting list short and manageable: no more than 3 jobs at a time. This works out to one in progress, two in line. As each is completed, that opens up a new spot on the Commission List. You’ll know there’s an opening if you are signed up for my Newsletter, or by following me on social media and reading my blog. I will draw randomly from an ongoing list you can hop onto right down below.

While you’re waiting, collect your thoughts about what you’d like in your artwork, and also collect photographs for me to use as reference.  Full-sized, clear, well-lit photos that show the subject/s from different angles are always best.  While we’re not always lucky enough to have great photos, I will do the best I can with the references you give me.

While I’m working on your commission (or anyone else’s!), you can watch it take shape on my blog if you like.

Your pet’s portrait is labor-intensive, and a labor of love. I will be spending days getting to know your companion during the creation of the artwork.  I will use all my compassion, skills and creativity to bring the personality and life of your friend to this portrait.


Additional subjects can be added, human or pet!  Each additional pet is discounted 30% of the one-subject price.  For example, if the size you choose has a starting price of $95 for a single subject, adding another pet will only add $66.50.  Humans are priced at the single-subject level.

Collector’s Discount

If you would like multiple portraits, you will be given a 10% discount after your first.  If you order more than one portrait at a time, you will be given a 10% discount on the entire order.

If you have any questions about any of this, just ask!

These prices are a guideline for single subjects on a fairly simple background.  Complex backgrounds, clothing, other objects or multiple subjects, may affect the price.

Inches x Inches y Price
4 5 $95.00
5 7 $115
8 10 $250
9 12 $335
11 14 $465
12 16 $580
16 20 $800
18 24 $865
19 24 $915
20 24 $960
20 28 $1,065
20 30 $1,080
22 28 $1,110
24 30 $1,300
24 36 $1,560