Xan’s Art: Home

  • Luki
  • Feyd 8
  • Coco linocut print approx 6 x 6 © Xan Blackburn
  • Timber (borzoi) 8
  • Stella
  • Jaguar painting for my grandson's room acrylic on canvas © Xan Blackburn
  • Sadie greyhound portrait
  • Silky Graphite on vellum tracing paper, mounted on bristol approx 7

The relationships between humans and the rest of our animal family is what drives my art.

When I’m asked to portray a beloved pet, it’s an intimate invitation into the hearts of all involved, and a great honor.

Portraits are at the heart of my work, but I also enjoy doing occasional commercial (and pro bono) graphics and illustration.  The collaborative process between client and artist is exhilarating, adding an extra layer of creative complexity I get a kick out of.

Please take a look around, make yourself at home, and let me know what you think.

The relationships of people and animals are my fascination. The mutual love of people and their pets is a rewarding vein, but there are animals in our world that are not cherished pets: Those who are destined to be or produce human food, or are living alongside us virtually unnoticed; the discarded pets as well as those animals who have always been wild. They are in our world. We are in theirs. We are inextricably connected by our nature and by the world we share. How we see each other is what moves me to create.