Portrait Marathon: Sign up TODAY

Sign-ups are open now for the Pre-Holiday Portrait Marathon!

If you missed it, here’s the run down.  For three weeks, starting Monday, Nov. 26, I’ll be busting through as many small portraits as I can get to, in the order you sign up.

As I start one portrait, I’ll email the next person in line a PayPal link to pay for your portrait.  Once your payment is in, your place is secure, and your portrait will be next.

The only thing different this time around is that you will now have a few choices!

  • 5″ x 5″, gallery-wrapped canvas for $80
  • 5″ x 5″ panel for $80
  • 8″ x 10″ panel for $150 specially priced for this marathon (that’s $110 off!)
Both the panels and the gallery-wrapped canvas all look great framed or unframed.

One pet (ANY SPECIES!) per painting, and one painting per person, to spread the loooove!

As I go, I’ll be showing you my progress on the blog.  I think it’s fun to share the paintings as they evolve, and the excitement building along through the marathon.

To sign up and get your name on the list, fill out the form below.
Good luck, and thanks for playing along with me!!  

Fall Portrait Marathon: the simpler version

I’m getting some feedback that my first post about the marathon was maybe a bit confusing.  Let’s see if I can be a little more clear.

What: I will do ten 5″x 5″ portraits, acrylic on canvas, of ANY species for $80 +shipping
Why: As a benefit for Creatures Comfort, a feral cat rescue program, which will receive $20 for each portrait 
Who: The first ten people to send me an email ON MONDAY, NOV 7th, after 9:00am PST, with a clear photo of their pet
When: The painting work begins Tuesday, Nov. 8th, and you can watch it here on the blog.

  1. Choose ONE photo, clear and high-res, of any ONE pet (dog, cat, hamster, ferret …), attach it to an email.  (tip: If you have a really big photo file, but it’s of the entire pet, crop it down to just the head, down to the shoulders.)
  2. The email should have your name and your pet’s name as the subject.  
  3. Send the email to xan@xans-art.com with 
    • your name and your pet’s name
    • any notes about your pet you want me to know, to help me choose a mood for the painting
subject: Humphrey Blackburn; Wabi  

message: Hi, Xan!
Wabi is a little thing, mischievous and cuddly. Her favorite thing to do is eat dandelions.  Attached is her photograph.  Can you put some dandelions in the painting, maybe?



   4.  I will send you a PayPal invoice.  When the payment goes through, and I’ve completed the portrait before yours, I’ll begin the portrait of YOUR pet!  😀  (If you’d prefer to send a paper check, we’ll work it out the details together.)


Better?  If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.  Maybe someone else has the same one, and we can help them, too.  🙂

They’re HERE! Limited Edition Holiday Cards

“Play Bough”
Limited Edition holiday card for 2011
©Xan Blackburn, 2011

With thanks to Rebecca Forrest for the concept, I had a lot of fun painting this image.  The fawn greyhound reminds me of my own Brilly, who was a handy model.  

This really is a limited edition!  I had a small number printed, and when they’re gone, that’s it.  There will only be a few of these winging through the postal service, making them a good choice for someone looking for a more unique card.
As always, Stroke of Green offers products as green as I can get them, from the printing to the packaging.  They come 10 to a package for $20, and are blank inside for your own message.
Some of you responded to my earlier question about whether they’d prefer “pretty/serious” or “funny” cards.  The consensus seems to be “both!”  Thanks for helping me narrow that down!  LOL!  Maybe I’ll have to do two cards a year, or just figure out how to do both in one card.

December Fundraiser

December’s Fundraiser is to benefit the Gentle Barn. The work they do is heroic, helping both animals and people to heal from abuse and life’s worst challenges.  It’s hard work.  They need all the help they can get.  I’m too far away to go muck stalls and exercise horses, but together we can put a little something in their stocking, anyway!

The Deal:
20% of the sales from cards purchased on this page will be donated to the Gentle Barn folk.  That’s a big win, for the people and animals there, for the planet, for your friends and family (who get the cards), and for you.  It feels good to give!  
Go HERE to participate.

Portrait Marathon: Sign ups imminent. This is a test!

I’m testing to see if people can upload their pictures here as comments.  Let’s see ….

Testing with Mylie, who “posed” for my Better Days show a few years ago.

Want to see what Mylie’s portrait came out like?

Mylie, NOT in a shelter!
(The Better Day show was a series of portraits of dogs awaiting homes in a shelter in my town.  Many of them were not lucky.  🙁  The show concept was to imagine them in Better Days.  Mylie, by the way, did find a home.  😀 )
This portrait is a good example of the approach I’ll be taking to this marathon, and the level of detail I expect to go for.

Cara-Lea, thanks for helping out with the testing!
Here’s your pretty friend:

Sign-ups are not open, yet!  No need to try to post any pictures for the moment.  Full instructions will be in the next post, along with the announcement, so ….
Keep your eyes peeled!  ;D

Santa card, as requested!

Santa Scritchies!

Some people *ahem* have been requesting (in the strongest possible terms!  😉 ) a Santa card.  I’ve done one every year, so I accepted the inevitable, and launched off from a great idea by Sandy Szarzi (thanks, Sandy!) for this year’s offering.

It’s up on the website, available to order, but it’s just being sent to the printer, as I type this, so it will be about a week before orders can go out.

If you’d like to substitute this card for one of the others in the assortment pack, just make a note of it in the comment area when you check out, and which card you’d like to substitute it for.

This was so fun to do!  I love the rich warm tones, and the old-fashioned atmosphere.
Enjoy!  😀

The first wave of orders went out last week.  I know at least two people have already gotten theirs, so you should be seeing them in your mailbox momentarily, if not already!  Let me know what you think of them in person!