Sadie (eye detail)
Sadie greyhound portrait
8″ x 10″ Acrylic on Claybord panel
© Xan Blackburn 2014

Wow.  Well, once I got rolling, this just went like a flash!  Isn’t it funny, ha ha, that the painting part of this portrait actually went quickly, but all the hair-pulling, sketching, sighing and laying in bed at night imagining the painting took days!  I should be used to that, but there ya go.

I have to show you some details, as I really enjoy how there’s both opaque and translucent layers, strokes showing over/under strokes.  I like the life, the potential for motion, the undiluted immediacy of the overall effect.

Sadie (eye detail)
Sadie (detail)
Sadie (detail - muzzle)
Sadie (detail)

Okay, I know I didn’t invent impressionistic painting, but it’s always seemed oddly out of my reach ’til now.  Allow me my moment of rejoicing, eh?

Well, now that Sadie is done, and the Portrait Marathon doesn’t start for 5 whole days, what will I do with myself??

I do have a few donations I need to be doing.  Okay, a whole truck-load of donations!  One is a graphic illustrating the different sighthound shapes for easier identification by non-sighthound-savvy rescue volunteers (for Team Inch).  That should be interesting.  Then, there’s the Hope for Hounds collar design for 2014.  And a top-secret project for Kindred Hearts Transport Connection.

So, yeah, no problem with idle hands, here!


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