Sign up NOW for Portrait Marathon!

Now! Sign up right now, using the form below, for my Spring 2014 Portrait Marathon.

Repeating, in case you missed it:

Who, what, why, where, when and HOW?

  • Who?  Any species of pet
  • What?  An 8" x 10" painting of your pet, head primarily, on a panel, for $225 (10% off my current price!)
  • Why?  Because it's fun.  😀  And, ugh!  Vet bills.  😛  
  • Where?  In my studio, but you can watch on my blog and Facebook page
  • When?  Sign ups starting right NOW, and painting will start on Wednesday, once the sign-up is clear, and the first payment has arrived.
  • HOW? 
    1. Sign up below 
    2. If you make the list, when it's your turn I will send you a Paypal invoice to pay for your portrait, and then we're off and running.  Or painting.  And just me.  Unless you want to paint, too.

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