Portrait Marathon (PM) line-up

I’m laughing at myself right now!  I spent days getting ready for this, and am only now realizing I didn’t ask for “breed” or even “species” in my sign-up form!  Most of you said something in your description, anyway.  Well, it will all come clear when the pictures start coming in.

Those of you who made it in, get those reference photos ready to send!  I’ll be emailing you all shortly.  

Here’s the order at this point:

  1. Gail’s Luki (greyhound)
  2. Eliza’s Red (whippet)
  3. Lynn’s Stella (greyhound)
  4. Chris’ Cash (greyhound)
  5. Barbara’s daughter’s Sushi (dog)
  6. Laura’s Puff (cat)
  7. Robin’s mom’s Sasha (samoyed)
  8. Jennifer’s Cole (Daddy’s boy)
  9. Tracey’s Dora (greyhound)
  10. Ellen’s Magnum (St. Bernard)
  11. Terri’s Timber (borzoi)
  12. Samara’s parent’s Scooby (doxy)
  13. Leslie’s Isabella (greyhound)

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