Stroke of Green’s First SALE

Ten cards and envelopes usually sell for $20.

 cards are now on sale! 

20% off: 
$16.00 for 10 cards!

Stroke of Green is my greeting card company, for those of you just joining us.  I launched my new line this fall with several holiday-themed designs, had them printed with soy inks, added recycled paper envelopes, and biodegradable cellophane packaging for an eco-friendly greeting card choice.  
My New Year, 2011 card is perfect for the folks who don’t know what holiday is appropriate to mark, or sort of *ahem* missed the one they were aiming for.  Everyone knows when the years change, right?  
Well then maybe this card is a good reminder.  😉 
I’ll be rolling out lots of new designs in the new year, for all occasions; funny, happy, sad, and just-because.  This year’s holiday collection is all dog images, but coming designs will include all sorts of creatures, including humans, and maybe no creatures at all.  Designs for all tastes (I hope!)
If you haven’t been by Stroke of Green yet, check me out.  Bookmark me for the future, too!
Oh, and I have a Stroke of Green Facebook page as well, where I post various eco-friendly ideas and products I find.  Feel free to join in that conversation, too.
See you there!

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