Heronswood Logo: Blue

Just when I decided to take graphics and illustration off my website to concentrate on my fine art, a few logo jobs have fallen in my lap!

Heron element in blue

This one was pretty efficient, which is always nice.  A friend and neighbor who is a contractor needed a logo for his new development.  He had a pretty good idea what he wanted, and this came together quickly.  I loved drawing the heron!  I gave him several variations to use for different things, and I look forward to seeing it carved into a large wooden sign soon.

One-color (black)

This client’s real estate agent just contacted me today for a logo, as well.  The concept he sent me is hilarious!  When we get a little further along, I’ll share it with you.

I’m going to be helping out a local Plastic Bag Ordinance activist with some graphics, too.  She just wrote to me today also!  I’m hoping … ah!  She just responded to my idea for a character to personify the message.  Heh.  This is going to be fun.  Bellingham, WA residents sometimes refer to themselves as ‘Hamsters.  See where I’m going with this?

I still have to final out a logo I started working on last fall for a dog breed club.  That one is dragging out, but mostly with long pauses between communications, as the board decides on aspects of the design.  The basic idea is like this though.

Isn’t he cute?  They’re a truffle-hunting hound from Italy that looks a lot like a medium size poodle, with a deep chocolate-colored coat, and dark brown eyes.

Meanwhile, yes, I’m also working on my painting of Dad and Lilly.  Slowly.


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