UPDATE: The random picker has chosen 3 new clients for me. 

I’ve been thinking more about how to do this list thingy. I think I’ll just leave the list open, and randomly draw names from it as I have openings to fill. So, even if you didn’t make the two day sign-up window, go ahead and fill out the form to be added for a future pick. Yeah. 

It’s time to open up my Commission List for new clients!

I’m doing something just a little differently this time, as it was pointed out to me that going on a first-come, first-served basis meant that people not in my time-zone were going to have less chance of ever making the short list. So, instead, I’ve got a short form below. If you’d like to commission some art, enter your name and email address. When the form has been live for about 48 hours, I’ll close it, and enter the names in a random picker to get my list. I’ll notify you by email if you get a spot.

As always, thank you so much for your interest in my artwork!

For more info about sizes and prices see my Commission Page.

Good luck!


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